Are there any online yoga teacher training programs available in india?

Raj Yoga Rishikesh has received approval from the Yoga Alliance to continue offering RYS online teacher training programs under RYS standards. Within this exemption, Yoga Alliance fully accredits our 200-hour online yoga teacher training course. All students have personal guidance for medical problems through yoga techniques, herbs and Ayurveda techniques. Course prices include all tuition, accommodation, three vegetarian meals a day, two pairs of uniforms, a course manual for yoga teachers, a pick-up and drop off service at the Khajuraho airport or train station on the first and last day of the course, and a lifetime membership to the AYA Teacher Registry for ongoing guidance and mentoring.

This training is designed in accordance with the 200-hour requirements to register for Yoga Alliance. My curiosity for knowledge also led me to study modern sciences such as anatomy, physiology and Western philosophy with pioneering teachers from new traditions. Students can comfortably complete this online yoga teacher training course in up to 6 months. The Yoga ashram is well connected to Amsterdam (Schiphol) and other Dutch airports by public transport.

We guarantee that the course will provide you with correct and sufficient knowledge of yoga, yogic philosophy, appropriate teaching skills and sufficient practical training to teach others with ease and confidence. Whether you choose to pursue teacher training, continuing education or a short course, you can expand your knowledge and deepen your practice where and when it suits you best. We have more than 18000 yoga teachers in India, 4500 yoga teachers in foreign countries and more than 300,000 yoga students around the world. You may have mixed feelings about finishing the course, as soon as you can reunite with your loved ones, return to your “normal” life, and say goodbye to your new yoga family.

At Arhanta, you can be sure of having the highest professional standards in training and 26% communication support. By sharing their own stories, teaching a lot about yoga, and giving personal advice, Ram and his team helped me achieve my personal goal of becoming a yoga teacher.

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