Can you make a living being a yoga teacher?

How much do yoga instructors earn? 20 ways to make money as a yoga instructor Teaching in person Work impromptu Monetizing social media Teaching online If you want to expand and give private classes, you'll earn considerably more per lesson, but you may not teach as many classes. The hourly rate you charge will vary depending on your location, your skills, and the type of yoga certification. If creating videos catches your eye, then you can consider creating a YouTube channel and using it as a platform for teaching yoga online. Once you get about 250,000 views and a good number of subscribers, your videos will be attractive to advertisers and will start generating revenue for you.

Yoga teacher salaries vary greatly depending on location and studio. You'll spend your time doing something you like and, by teaching, you'll help others to fall in love with yoga as well, which is extremely satisfying. You can also teach students from anywhere in the world, which will allow you to maintain long-term student relationships no matter where you live. Personally, I adopted entrepreneurship by gradually eliminating most of my group classes over time and focusing on developing my private teaching business, Private Yoga Brooklyn, and later my training practice, Abundant Yogi Coaching.

Claire Thompson created Yoga of Bass, which allowed her to perform at conscious festivals around the world. After a particularly difficult year, yoga gave her the tools to manage stress through daily breathing and movement. All those numbers aside, great yoga teachers are earning a living (or are making a LIVING, depending on how you look at it) all over the world. Both options are physically and emotionally taxing from a physical and emotional point of view, but they will allow you to acquire the skills needed to teach yoga and a network of yoga teachers who will help you find work in the future.

Whether it's a corporate retreat, a team-building event, or just a lunch break, you can teach yoga and meditation to busy, stressed employees. You can develop one that is certified by Yoga Alliance, or you can even create your own exclusive training program. If you have a full-time job or family obligations, it can be impossible to close your life out for a month to study yoga. There's a niche for everyone and that's why, by pursuing your personal passion, there's room for everyone to earn money as a yoga teacher.

Everything changed when I changed my way of thinking and my attitude, from one that said, “It's impossible to make a lot of money as a yoga teacher, so why bother trying?” , to one that said: “It's very possible for me to earn all the money I would like as a yoga teacher, and I believe in myself to do it.” However, every year, thousands of graduates of yoga teacher training programs enthusiastically leave their full-time positions to work barefoot and in leggings and, most importantly, to dedicate a purposeful life to spreading the joy of yoga. They see how good yoga is for their own health and well-being and feel that they want to share it with others. Adopting entrepreneurship, working backwards based on a solid business model and mastering marketing are key to earning a lot of money as a yoga teacher.

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