Can you make a lot of money as a yoga instructor?

Incomes vary greatly from top to bottom for yoga teachers. Dania McDermott is an independent content marketer who writes for SaaS B2B companies. If you're just trying to spread more yoga and meditation to the world, then these things online can seem a little tiring. This gives her a budgetary advantage and makes her clients more likely to stick with her yoga practice.

If you're wondering how to make money as a yoga instructor with so many new teachers to compete with, this is the guide for you. Facebook groups can be a big help with this, especially if you're an expat and wondering how to become a yoga teacher in a new country. Whether you're teaching Hatha yoga poses, offering personal training to aspiring yogis, or healing clients through yoga therapy, gaining experience is key to increasing your real salary as a yoga instructor. Chat with students about their chaturanga in the water cooler, organize yoga reinforcements after a restorative yoga class, interact with people who pay money to practice yoga.

As a digital marketing specialist, I work with people in the yoga industry to help them attract traffic to their websites, connect with others in the industry, and increase their virtual portfolios every step of the way. And if you have your eyes set on a yoga school you'd like to work with, check if they have an advanced teacher training program you can join. If your content can reach all viewers in their yoga practice, you can create an inclusive community that people want to join. So this is my best advice for yoga teachers who want to earn more money than the poverty salaries they currently earn in this industry.

The training program should be comprehensive and focus on anatomy, sequencing, signals and even the business of yoga. To increase your yoga instructor salary, consider selling private classes in packages, rather than session by session. Start by advertising on social media and teaching as a guest at your local yoga studio to gain followers. This is how I found my training as a Tantra yoga teacher (I am obsessed with classic Tantra) and this is how my customers (a digital seller who is also a yoga practitioner) found me.

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