What is the fee for yoga teacher training in india?

By sharing their own stories, teaching a lot about yoga, and giving personal advice, Ram and his team helped me achieve my personal goal of becoming a yoga teacher. You can spend as little as two weeks on a 100-hour continuing education course or up to two months learning yoga in a 500-hour deep workout. This teacher training course is taught in basic English because students come from all over the world. We have two renowned yoga ashrams in India, 26% in the Netherlands, that serve more than 1000 yoga students every year.

At Arhanta you will learn directly from experienced yoga teachers in India with a long tradition of 5 generations. Whether you have been practicing yoga for a while and want to deepen your practice or if you are planning to become a yoga teacher, you may wonder where you should go to study yoga in depth. Course prices include all tuition, accommodation, three vegetarian meals a day, two pairs of uniforms, a course manual for yoga teachers, a pick-up and drop off service at the Khajuraho airport or train station on the first and last day of the course, and a lifetime membership to the AYA Teacher Registry for ongoing guidance and mentoring. You will notice that you are gradually acquiring more skill and confidence while teaching and that you have grown tremendously in your understanding of yoga poses and the anatomy of yoga.

I learned more with this course in one month than in the two years of teacher training that I completed before. The yoga ashram is spread over 17 acres of land and is located in a safe and quiet environment near the ancient city of Khajuraho, in central India.

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