Who is the most famous yoga instructor?

Rodney Yee is one of the best-known yoga teachers in the world. He is best known for his relationship with the Gaia yoga platform, which sells yoga DVDs and yoga-related products. Meghan started practicing Ashtanga when she was 19 years old and living in Costa Rica. After that, he practiced Yin, Vinyasa, and studied Anusara.

He then combined all the styles to create his own playful style, using Anusara's lineup to be strong and confident in the work. She is a traveling yogi with a lot of experience and teaches yoga around the world in workshops, retreats and teacher training. Travis Eliot, E-RYT 500, is a world-renowned yoga instructor, meditation teacher, kirtan musician, and certified Ayurveda practitioner. He teaches his exclusive Holistic Yoga Flow classes in Los Angeles and workshops, festivals and retreats around the world.

She has been teaching yoga since she was 15 years old and has been an avid lifelong learner in numerous movement practices, such as Anusara, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Acro, as well as martial arts, freeform dance and ballet. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Budig Josephine Jacob lives in Vancouver and describes herself as a “Yoga Mommy”, as she'll tell you on Instagram. You can see her practicing a lot of incredible group poses with her two young children, who, according to Josephine, “have benefited a lot from the practice”. Swami Vivekananda was the proponent of the modern practice of yoga and caused a sensation among Western audiences thanks to his eclectic perspective.

Many famous yoga teachers say that Babaji taught the first greeting to the sun thousands of years ago. The practice of Iyengar yoga is divided into several simple parts to ensure that even a layman can perform seemingly difficult steps with ease. Yogic scriptures state that the philosophy of yoga leads to the fusion of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. All of these famous yoga teachers and the poses they inspired have profound stories that are rooted in a practice that transforms lives.

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Rima Rabbath is one of the leading teachers of the Jivamukti yoga method in New York City and is known for her practical and loving integration of ancient wisdom into modern life. Born to yogi parents who opened the first yoga school in San Francisco in 1955, Baptiste grew up around the practice. Founder of her own method, called Prana Vinyasa, Rea's yoga system is influenced by many traditions and aims to serve as “an effective and creative system for progressing along the way, bringing greater vitality, fluidity, longevity, satisfaction in the soul, passion and compassion in the heart. Many people, yogis and non-yogis alike, might recognize Briohny Smyth for the viral, dazzling and gravity-defying yoga video produced by Equinox about five years ago.

These are the most famous yoga teachers in the world who are known for their contribution to the practice of yoga in the West. This famous monk, yogi and guru founded the world-renowned Self-Realization Fellowship and was the first great yoga teacher who lived and taught in the West, which he did for more than 30 years. Dana's interest in yoga began when she worked at the front desk of her local yoga studio and was able to take free classes. With a very advanced physical practice and a strong connection to Mysore and the Ashtanga yoga lineage, Kino MacGregor is one of the most popular and respected Ashtanga yoga teachers in the world.

Corn was first exposed to yoga by working as a waitress in a café owned by David Life and Sharon Gannon in New York's East Village in the 1980s. Smyth, originally from Thailand, earned her yoga teaching certification at YogaWorks and was mentored by Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford. An ambassador for Lululemon and writer of several publications on yoga, Cramer is also a resident teacher at the annual Bonnaroo Music and Art Festival in Tennessee. .

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